Original condition returns and reduced refunds

You can return your item within 30 days of receiving it, as long as it is still in its original condition.

This means that you can examine the item as you would in a shop, but please do not start using, assembling or inputting any personal data or software. 

We will reduce the amount of the refund up to 50%, or return the item to you if

  • The item or the packaging has been handled excessively (I.e. damaged packaging, cosmetic defects)
  • The security or void seals have been removed/broken
  • If the item is incomplete (not as sold, missing parts or accessories)

All returned items should be in their original condition and packaging, including all the original accessories and any documents provided. If the item was purchased as a part of a bundle, you must return all items that were a part of the bundle.

We ask that you take good care of the item while in your possession.

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