CCTV Installation: Pre-Installation Checklist (Basic)


The purpose of the checklist is to help Clients/ Retailer Partners gather the necessary information to facilitate the successful installation of a pre-purchased CCTV system into a residential dwelling or small business premises. Answers to the questions in the table should be obtained prior to purchase to ensure a successful install:


Requirement Consideration
Property Type
Discuss with the customer the type of property that they will be installing the equipment on. Is the property suitable for installation?
Are the areas that the cameras will be situated accessible by a 2 section ladder i.e. no higher than 2 storeys from ground level?
Discuss with the customer access to the property
* If ‘NO’, contact TSG to check feasibility of Install on 0333 121 0028
Is the property accessible by a Transit van style vehicle?  
Discuss with the customer permission for installation.
Do you have the permission of the property owner to install CCTV equipment? N.B. Holes will need to be drilled through external walls.  
Recording Device Selection
Discuss the size of the HDD, the number of channels required and whether the customer requires remote viewing.
Have the areas of the property to be covered been discussed?
Does the number of channels take into account future additions?
Camera Selection
Discuss the right camera solution for the property
e.g. Bullet / Dome / Wide Angle / PTZ / Night vision.
Have any special camera or footage requirements been taken in to account? E.G. Licence plate identification, night vision distance etc.  
Monitor Type
How will footage be viewed?
Is an existing monitor being used?
Does the intended monitor have suitable connections that are compatible with the DVR? E.G. HDMI / VGA etc.  
Monitor Cable Routing
Discuss where the Monitor will be positioned (Loft?) and the distance between the DVR/ NVR and the Monitor
Are the cables long enough to reach the Monitor and is there a sensible route for the Monitor cable to be routed to the DVR/ NVR location?  (Long internal video cables can cause issues)  
Camera Cable Management
Discuss where the cameras will be positioned and the distance between the cameras and the DVR.
Are the cables long enough to reach the DVR? Have all wall returns and doorways been considered in the overall distance?  
Power Socket Availability
Consider that the DVR, Cameras and the monitor will usually all require power.
Are there enough power sockets at the intended DVR location?
Are there working available power sockets in the loft?
Remote Viewing Access
In cases where the customer wishes to use the remote viewing facility they will require a suitable portable device and adequate broadband services on site and on the mobile device
**Note that Business VPN may not allow Remote Viewing
Is there home broadband?
Is the broadband speed greater than 4MB?
(If not, the video playback may have issues). Is the Modem/ Router close to the location where the DVR will be positioned?
(If not, a powerline adaptor may be required)
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