CCTV: Standard Warranty Terms


TSG provides a standard 12 Month warranty on all new system installations and a 3 Month warranty on all materials provided by TSG during maintenance visits.  Note:  Existing system components and pre-supplied equipment/ parts (cameras/ Cables/ Recording devices/ PSU’s etc) provided by the Customer/ Retailer Clients are not included in the standard warranty cover as these elements are covered by the Retailer/ Manufacturer warranty.  

TSG reserves the right to undertake an ‘Assessment Call’ without prejudice to investigate any Customer enquiries/ complaints relating to materials failure or poor workmanship to assess if the complaint is valid. Please note that remedial service calls generated by elements outside TSG's sphere of influence or due to different fault conditions will be chargeable to the Customer/ Client at the agreed call charges.  

In scenarios where a Customer/ Client requests a post-installation service call and the Service Providers assessment identifies the fault condition or cause of the fault falls outside the limitations of the standard warranty (Force Majeure, different fault, etc) a call charge will be incurred for the visit  

Assessment calls raised by the Client or Customers for reasons outside TSG’s sphere of influence or responsibility and not covered by the standard installation will incur the appropriate call charge for labour and additional materials.


• Accidental Damage: The CCTV Camera is knocked off alignment by high winds or moving objects like ladders, footballs, and people.  
• Malicious Damage: The CCTV Camera/ system has been physically damaged (vandalised/ DIY damage etc)  
• Materials Failure: Previously Installed equipment (existing) or equipment pre-supplied by the Customer/ Client other than that supplied by the TSG proves to be the cause of the Service request. (Faulty equipment (Cameras/ Cables/ PSU's etc) are normally covered by the Retailers warranty)
• System Modification: The Customer requests that the installed system be modified/ realigned/ repositioned/ upgraded post-installation (As previously agreed/ signed off by the Customer) Examples - The Camera positions/ Camera views require alteration, or the Customer requests additional cameras be fitted)  
• Incorrect Diagnosis: The Customers/ Clients equipment, Web portal, Broadband connectivity or Mobile App are identified as being at fault or incorrectly operated by the User when trying to view the desired CCTV images. (This includes User error and any form of software/ firmware upgrades post-installation)

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