CCTV: Non-Standard Installation


In some cases, it will be necessary to install additional materials or provide extra resources (manpower) to facilitate the CCTV system installation in a safe manner.  

These additional costs will, of course, be discussed and agreed with the Customer before the installation starts and charged to the Customer at the point of installation where required. Here are some examples of the additional chargeable elements which may on occasion, be required to effectively complete the installation or service request in a safe and professional manner.


• Additional/ extended video cabling
• Bespoke camera mounting materials
• Cable containment (Trunking/ Ducting/ Conduit)
• Additional equipment (not pre-supplied) – Cameras, Baluns, etc  
• Specialised access equipment/ permits (Hoists, Lifts, and Cranes, etc)
• Out of hours working - Evening work/ Night Work etc
• 4 x 4 Vehicular access requirements (Remote rural sites)
• Specialised equipment – Larger brackets, battens, baseboards, etc
• Road closure – permits etc (To facilitate safe site access)
• Ad-hoc long-distance or abnormal traveling - Highlands and Islands etc
• Additional manpower to overcome technical, lifting or safety access issues.

These additional elements are deemed to fall outside the definition of a ‘Standard’ call and would, therefore, be agreed with and submitted to the customer on an ad-hoc basis.  

Due to the general complexity and technical nature of these bespoke jobs/ special sites, TSG reserves the right to discuss the technical requirements of such sites with the Customer and then agree on any charges that may be required to affect a safe and practical solution.

Note: Whilst TSG makes all reasonable endeavors to provide Customers/ Clients with an effective service solution, TSG reserves the right to decline a work request should the requested work be deemed to be of an exceptional nature and not viable within the described framework. Such calls would, of course, be discussed in full with the Customer/ Client to examine all possible solutions.  

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