CCTV: A Standard Installation (Definition)


The illustrated service is primarily based upon the installation of a pre-purchased Camera kit (1 - 8 Cameras, NVR/DVR recorder and standard Video Cables) onto a residential dwelling or suitable retail/ commercial property (This is dependent upon building design, construction & adequate access to the site/ mounting positions, etc). In its simplest form, the attending Engineer will complete a brief site inspection to confirm camera positions before installing the Customer's pre-purchased equipment. Note: It is important that the Customer purchases the correct equipment at the point of sale to ensure a successful installation when the Engineer attends site. (Example: Cameras, Cables & Recording devices, etc) The installation will be completed by an Engineer during normal working hours (9am – 5pm Mon/ Fri) using a standard ladder for safe working access to wall mounting positions below the gutter level up to 2 Storeys in height. This service includes the installation and alignment of Cameras in positions to provide suitable viewing angles in monitored areas. (Note: Final camera positions will be governed by safe site access, the type of camera selected, video cable lengths purchased and the available cable routing options at the property)


The installation of traditional pre-terminated video cables (surface mounted usually 18m in length) between the individual Cameras and the centrally situated NVR/ DVR unit may/ will necessitate the drilling of entry holes (Approx 20mm/ per cable feed). (Note: Additional extended cables may be required to reach more remote camera positions >18m) All cable wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements using silicon sealant and appropriate internal/external weather covers (as required). Customers need to ensure that adequate power sockets are made available near the NVR/ DVR unit, as the DVR, the Monitor and the Camera PSU's may each need a power socket – Loft mounted equipment will also require suitable power sockets A final assessment of camera views (CCTV imagery) will be carried out by the Engineer to confirm that the new system is fully operational before a brief demonstration is provided to the Customer (Remote viewing set up to 1 device) On completion of the outlined CCTV system installation, the Customer will be required to sign a call completion form to confirm that the installation has been completed to their satisfaction and that the system is fully operational.


Note: Generic option pricing is based upon a ‘Standard’ domestic call type in nominated postcodes and does not include any non-standard call charges or additional travel costs for remote rural installations (Highlands/ Island Ferries etc). Custom installations may necessitate additional materials/ manpower to be completed safely. These more bespoke Installations (9+ Cameras), Small Business/ Commercial installations may negate the need for a two-man installation team and additional H&S access equipment/ non-standard materials, so a pre-installation site survey is always recommended for larger systems on commercial properties*

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