CCTV Installation Introduction

CCTV is a great way of enhancing security at your home or business. Not only does it allow you to keep a watchful eye on your property and loved ones, more importantly, but it also acts as a visual deterrent to deter potential intruders from thinking of entering your property.   Whatever your CCTV installation requirements, The Total Support Group (TSG) has the technical resources and expertise to support your business and more importantly your Customers!

Our Field Engineers have the capacity to install a ‘wide range of systems’ including traditional CCTV camera kits through to complex commercial systems requiring structured networks incorporating multiple cameras over a wide area.  

Furthermore, TSG Engineers have the skills to set up the latest CCTV systems utilising Wi-Fi (IP) enabled cameras and configure NVR’s/ DVR’s for remote viewing on suitable portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Dependent upon your specific requirements, TSG can offer a variety of clearly defined solutions ranging from simple CCTV Installation Services for Retail Consumers  (1 - 8 Cameras), through to large scale commercial system installations in Retail Outlets, Offices and Warehouses utilising 'Structured Cabling' or wireless technologies.

Whether you are looking for Consumer-facing services or more bespoke commercial installation services, TSG can deliver a comprehensive range of 'Cost Effective' CCTV installation and maintenance solutions including:


• Domestic CCTV Installation Services
• Commercial System Installation Services 
• CCTV System Upgrades and Maintenance
• Structured Cabling/ Fibre Optic Systems 
• Remote Viewing Enablement


Working in close conjunction with leading manufacturers, TSG represents a comprehensive service solution for Clients seeking high-quality CCTV equipment, installed by a reliable and professional technical support network

We believe we can help support your CCTV initiatives, so please don't hesitate to contact TSG for further information should you wish to discuss your CCTV installation requirements.

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