How do I choose my TV bracket?

To help you find the right bracket for your TV, we've listed the key information you should consider before purchasing your TV bracket.

  1.  Is your TV compatible with the bracket?
  2.  Will the bracket support the weight of your TV?
  3.  What style TV bracket do you want?

Is your TV compatible with the bracket?

TV size compatibility

  • How do I know the size of my TV? - This should be displayed on the box of your TV in the manual and will be displayed in inches (").
  • How do I know the inch compatibility of your bracket? - This will be displayed in the title of the bracket

The VESA compliance

  • What is VESA compliance? - The VESA Interface Standard defines the distance in millimetres between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV (distance horizontally x distance vertically). VESA is a standard used for TV brackets and wall mounting systems, adopted by most TV brands. 
  • Why is Vesa so important? - It determines whether or not the bracket plate will line up with your TV, if it doesn't, there will be no way of attaching your TV or monitor to your bracket.
  • How do I find out the VESA of my TV? - The quickest way would be to measure the distance between the screw holes on the back of your TV or monitor (vertically and horizontally). Alternatively and possibly more accurately this information should be contained within the TV manual or displayed on a small sticker on the back of your device. If you are still unsure you could contact the supplier of your TV or monitor. 
  • How do I find what the VESA of the bracket is? -  The Vesa compatibility of our brackets can be found in the features section of each bracket. 

Will the bracket support the weight of your TV?

The weight of the TV 

  • Why is the TV weight important - Your TV is important to us, making sure that it stays up on your wall is paramount. Please check that our bracket can hold the weight of your TV. 
  • Where do I find the weight of my TV - Once again it should be in the TV  manual or you could contact your TV or monitor supplier for more information. 
  • Where do I find the weight the bracket can support? - Take a look at the specification of each product and you will find it there.

What style bracket do you want?

There are different types of brackets to help you securely mount your TV. 

  • Flat-to-wall - These sit flush to your wall and don’t have an extending arm, so you won’t be able to adjust the viewing angle.
  • Tilting - With a small extendable arm that flexes horizontally. These don’t sit flush to the wall, but you can tilt your viewing angle depending on the glare, lighting or where you’re sat.
  • Tilt and swivel - These brackets move both horizontally and sideways to adjust your viewing angle. They’ll have a longer arm and some models include a base for extra safety and support.
  • Multi-positional - The most flexible TV bracket. They’re slightly larger to cover more space but these allow more movement to help you find the very best angle.

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